Ghost´s valley in Leutasch

We offer our guests a breath-taking and memorable experience in Leutaschtal: at the Ghost’s Valley, you go on a spooky and mythical trail – in the world of the spirit of the Ghost Valley, who has lived there for many centuries between rocks and caves.

The 3 km long Ghost Walk through the gorge with its flowing streams, you can go on an 800 m long climb and walk right past the rocks, which tells the legend in detail. The ghost rose up some time ago from the mountains and found its home in this distant ravine where it has hidden from the people ever since.

Only sometimes in the summer, has the ghost been seen in Mittenwald, as it moved to go back to its kingdom of demons, goblin,s and dwarves. The trail ends at a 23-metre-high waterfall just before the middle of the forest, on the so-called "Goblin Path" to get a round trip back to the starting point in Leutasch.

Please note: The Ghost valley is only accessible on foot; the platforms are not suitable for small children or dogs. In addition, you should not be afraid of heights and of course, be prepared – if you should encounter the real ghost...